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AHNA accomplishes most of its work through its committees. It is at these monthly meetings that those with interests in a particular aspect of the neighborhood can focus on issues and solutions with like-minded individuals. Sufficient time can be allotted to a particular topic to gain an understanding of what is involved and what can be done.

Those with a particular expertise or interest are encouraged to reach out to the chairpersons of any committee you may be interested in for more information and for ways to help.

As of the beginning of 2015 there are four standing committees open to the general public. They are:


Friends of Sigourney Square Park 

Welcoming & Culture Committee  

Public Safety;  (Notes Here) which deals with issues about  

  • Environment    
  • Public Safety 
  • Transportation 

 Notes from the previous committee meeting are still available on this website Here

In addition to the above there are monthly meetings of the Governance Committee  which are open only to the elected board members.