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                                                   Communication Committee

Chairperson: Paul O’Mara

Contact info:  or (860)-549-7743

Committee meeting: Committee meets monthly on the second to last Tuesday of the month, 1:00 PM at Mark Twain Branch Library  Asylum Ave.

The Communications Committee is one of the more recently formed  committees of AHNA. Its purpose is twofold, to expand the awareness of the work of AHNA among the residents and members of the AH community and to allow these same people a convenient means of communicating their concerns and ideas for improving AH to AHNA and through AHNA to one another. Since its inception, AHNA has used monthly meetings as a way to achieve this goal, but clearly with limited success. In that same time period the world has embraced digital media and there are many ways to communicate today that did not exist when AHNA was founded. It is the task of this committee to make use of these means to expand the reach and amplify the efforts of AHNA.

Our first effort in this direction has been the establishment of AHNA News & Views, a monthly newsletter that summarizes the efforts and issues of AHNA and its committees for that month. This has been in publication since November 2011 and has received a warm welcome from many of its subscribers.

Our second effort is the renovation of the AHNA website from static to interactive. To do this we needed to change platforms and redesign both the structure and the content. As you read this now you are experiencing the results of that effort. This website is intended to be both interactive, including opportunities for comments from readers and constantly updating the changes as they occur in the neighborhood. We expect that the website will grow in scope and effectiveness as AHNA continues to do the same.