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Public Safety

Public Safety Committee

Chairperson: David Corrigan

Contact info:  or (860) 244-9390

Committee meeting: Committee meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month, 12:00 PM at theYWCA, corner of Farmington Ave. and Broad Street.

Public Safety of Asylum Hill

Asylum Hill has one of the lowest incidences of quality of life crimes in the greater Hartford area. These quality of life crimes include public drinking, loitering, trespassing, prostitution, and aggressive panhandling. Although these crimes have a lower priority with the Hartford Police Department than more serious crimes, the neighborhood would like to eliminate the remaining quality of life problems that affect perception of public safety and neighborhood market values.

AHNA’s goal is to make Asylum Hill safe for all those who live, work, worship, shop and play in the community. AHNA plans to ensure public safety, including best efforts to:

–Promote the Visibility of the Hartford Police Department

• Additional Officers: The neighborhood experiences poor police response time to quality of life incidents and lack of overall police presence, especially in residential neighborhoods. In 2008 the HPD had 88 fewer officers than the 1985 peak of 501. The city has committed to 440 officers by August of 2009. By 2012, AHNA would like to see a staff of at least 480 police officers.
• Community Events: To improve the perception of the HPD and instill community values in neighborhood youth, the HPD should be more engaged in neighborhood events. These events include hosting public safety fairs, speaking at the Boys & Girls Club or creating a neighborhood basketball games for local officers and youth. Events should be held at least quarterly in order to build relationships between residents and officers.

– Support Quality of Life Police Operations – Crimes such as public drinking, loitering, disturbing the peace andprostitution prevent homeownership, community involvement and promote Part I crimes. Officers should focus more intently on quality of life crimes to improve safety and perception of the neighborhood. AHNA encourages prevention of such crimes by increasing the number of vice and narcotics operations conducted in the neighborhood.

• Quality of Life Crimes: Establish Clear Objectives and Measures Relative to Crime Rates – The HPD has developed local crime benchmarks, however they have not compared the city’s performance relative to other cities (e.g. achieving a crime rating of 626 or less within 48 months.) A public crime-tracking website should be established that includes crime statistics and achievable goals for quality of life issues.

– Leverage Technology – Identify new innovative methods for proactively addressing crime. Ensure local officers receive up-to-date equipment including laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices which enhance their ability to serve the community.

– Encourage and Support Collaboration – AHNA encourages the HPD to integrate successful third party security operations into a cohesive force, using communication tools that operate together and share data and training.

– Encourage a Holistic Approach to Public Safety: Support coordinated community oriented policing, probation and parole education, substance abuse rehabilitation, employment opportunities and other programs aimed at those most at risk of becoming offenders.