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South Marshall St. Initiative

South Marshall Street Initiative


South Marshall St has long been regarded as one of the most challenged streets in Asylum Hill. A combination of extremely dense housing with no space for parking or play coupled with less than benign neglect has caused a culture of drug use and dealing to take hold over many years. As other streets in Asylum Hill began to improve South Marshall St. became the last of the really difficult areas to be addressed. Through a coming together of cooperative efforts, this is finally being addressed. Most notably through the generosity of Aetna, the efforts of Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity, and the support of AHNA, 16 units of homeownership in the form of four separate buildings with four zero plotline homes in each are now completed and occupied. In addition other homeownership opportunities are in the works or have been completed on S. Marshall St and nearby Hawthorn, Laurel and Case Sts. A partnership with Hartford Public Libraries is underway to help integrate the large immigrant population into the larger community of Asylum Hill.

As momentum builds many are finding a sense of community emerging from the efforts invested into this worthy goal.